Mind the Gap!

If you’ve ever traveled on London underground, through the Bank Station, you will hear the recorded message go out when ever a train pulls into the station – Mind the Gap! Sure there is a large gap between the platform and the train that is banked on a curve. Alas this gap hasn’t been closed or narrowed in the last 30+ years and its fair to assume this will not be closed even though we can assume to have the technology that extends and retracts a portion of the platform to and away from the approaching train. Mind you the tilt 125 train is a good reminder why one should not over engineer things.

In many ways this slogan Mind the Gap equally applies in all that we do, whether its for work or in ones personal life. In this context the gap is one between Knowing and Doing. The fact is this gap exists in all of us, and it varies in size depending on how quickly one cultivates the seeds of Knowing (gathering knowledge from literature, lectures, observations etc.) and transforming them into the action of Doing (experiential, experimental, you know learning from taking risks – falling off the proverbial bike and getting up)

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