selfy-sa-head-shot-2I am Tarang Patel, and here I’ll share from my experiences thoughts on Agile practices and how these practices may or may not get expressed in your organization. I welcome exchange of ideas and in the process mutual growth that it may lead to. While I will primarily focus on software development, given my background, though I strongly believe we in the software industry have a lot to learn from and adapt work practices used in other industries. Truth of the matter being that agile practices are rooted in Lean concepts and many of the mature industries have long adopted this well before environments developing software started to make in roads.

I am also a strong believer in using every day experiences we have from a range on situations and context to better help shape the learning. For me this means by using analogies and metaphors, as these I find act as a guide to continuous improvement in sharping agile practices. In essence continuous improvement being a way to achieve the desired state, much as an athlete does when training to reach their goals.

I have been lucky with journey in work, as I have over 25 years of software and systems development experience in scientific research and engineering mission critical environments, most recent being NASA Ames Research Center by way of Jet Joint European Torus and starting at Rutherford Appleton Lab, having worked on Mars Rover exploration mission systems, Nuclear Fusion Testbed to developing semi-conductor device simulation system.