Certified Scrum Master – 2 Day Course
CSM-class-logoA 2-day workshop introducing Scrum framework and team practices. Attendees come away with a clear understanding of Scrum that includes the roles, meetings, and artifacts. This is an experiential workshop where participants will be in small teams working together to grasp some key concepts that they get to unpack and experience at first hand for a simulation project. Attendees get to disambiguate real world situation that they have likely seen or are seeing in their work while learning useful estimation and release planning techniques.

Scrum Product Owner – 2 Day Course
A 2-day workshop focused on what the role of the Product Owner is on a scrum team. This role is a bridge between the business and the tactics used by a scrum team.  The workshop being with developing your vision, to using Lean Canvas to hone your ideas, to developing a roadmap that includes chunked down ideas of features and/or needed infrastructure, which leads to use of user story mapping technique to synthesize system thinking and an end-to-end view and the construction of a useful product backlog.  You will get to know what are typical challenges for a Product Owner when being part of a scrum team and how you can be a valuable team player as well as someone who along with the Scrum Master can act as a heat shield for the team.

Retrospective Facilitation Workshop – 2 Day Course
retrospective-patternA 2-day class focused on designing events for team/group reflections in order to organize for higher order of teaming. It is well known that conflict is a key ingredient if a cause is interesting and worthy to all the participants.  When it comes to work people encounter both task and relationship level conflicts.  This class helps you develop skills for designing and facilitating an effective team or large group retrospections. It focuses on how you can pragmatically have frequent moments of team reflections, opportunities often missed by agile teams.

A3 Thinking – 2 Day Course
A 2-day workshop introduces the A3 Thinking process. This is a Toyota-pioneered practice of getting the problem, the analysis, the corrective actions, and the action plan down on a single sheet of large (A3) paper. This presents the way of thinking represented in the A3 format that capture the heart of lean management. Its a Lean management approach to systematically solve problems, improve and mentor. A3 thinking process standardizes a methodology for innovating, planning, problem-solving, and building foundational structures for sharing a broader and deeper form of thinking that unlocks tacit knowledge that exists across a organization.  If adopted it is Organizing to learn¹, with organizational learning deeply rooted in the work itself.

Innovation Games 
IG-facilitatorA workshop that introduces Innovation Games for Serious Play. Research shows that people are hard wired to express themselves and interact with each other through play and thus ensure participants aren’t just locked into tacit positions that mire decision making where level of uncertainty and ambiguity is high. Engaging your customers, employees and stakeholders through Innovation Games delivers deeper, more actionable insight than is available through traditional means such as brainstorming sessions, online surveys, focus groups or other tools. The games can be rich and visual to help teams in the retrospection and yet simple enough as marketplace games to aide prioritization in otherwise a data rich environment.